A privately owned prison facility, Rikshuus is situated by the planet Klybo, in the Markayn Marches sub-sector of Calixis. A very old space station originally destined for the scrap pile, a rich investor family purchased the station and converted it into a maximum security jail. Given the standard it has upheld (0 incidents since its establishment), Rikshuus is very popular among Arbites and the Inquisition.

In past, Rikshuus occasionally used gas chambers to reduce the occupancy levels. Of late, this has been replaced by a more terrifying fate – ejection into the void of space.

Though Rikshuus was originally a space station, it’s conversion to a prison facility required a variety of changes to it’s structure. Part of it’s security comes from it’s overall form – Rikshuus is shaped like a pin. Largely a long cylinder, boarding the prison from a ship becomes almost impossible, as there are almost no flat surfaces for standard boarding pods to latch on to. The head of said ‘pin’ is where administrative tasks are taken care of. Housing for the warden and the guards, and a large storage facility can be found in this area. This is also where ships board when delivering new prisoners, or when transferring staff or food in and out. The lower levels of the structure houses many abandoned gas chambers.

- Rikshuus provides meals to it’s inmates and staff. Inmates are given high-protein concentrate in their cells, three meals a day. The staff, meanwhile, enjoys more ‘regular’ food in the mess halls.


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