Nobleman Raes

Nobleman Raes was the head of the Raes Noble house up until his death at the hands of Acolyte Mathias Thule.

He was one of the most affluent men on Penolpass, and seemed to be extremely loyal to the Emperor, despite some initial suspicions. It was he who had ordered the assassination of Queen Judaea, and his influence over the Royal Aides was to ensure his succession into the throne. Unfortunately, the assassination of the King and some of the Aides resulted in an all out war for the throne instead.

Nobleman Raes led his house to victory in a war that lasted a mere three months. Showcasing an immense taste for brutality and blood-lust, he quickly destroyed the other Noble Houses, and found himself unchallenged as the next King of Penolpass.

Raes, however, decided that this was not enough. Serving an ultimatum to Inquisitor Rhogan and the Imperium by extension, Raes refused to pay tithe and betrayed his allegiance to the Emperor. Thus began the four month war between Rhogan and Raes, ending in the death of the Nobleman, and the extermination of the planet.

Nobleman Raes

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