Veronica "Ronnie" Skivers

"Men must die so that Man endures." - Divination


Home world: Hive
Career Path: Imperial Psyker
Quirks: Tattoos, Dross Hound, Throne Wed
Gender: F
Build: Scrawny
Height: 1.60m
Weight: 50kg
Skin Colour: Tan
Hair Colour: Mousy
Eye Colour: Grey
Age: 36
Rank: Scholar Materium

WS: 39
BS: 33
Str: 34
T: 36
Ag: 32
Int: 37
Per: 42
WP: 41
Fel: 42
Wounds: 10
Fate Points: 3

Basic Skills: Awareness, Deceive, Dodge
Advanced Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic), Speak Language (Hive Dialect), Psyniscience, Invocation, Trade (Merchant), Literacy, Sleight of Hand, Scholastic Lore (Occult), Forbidden Lore (Psyker), Medicae
Talents & Traits: Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Pistol Weapon Training (Las), Basic Weapon Training (SP), Accustomed to Crowds, Caves of Steel, Hivebound, Wary, Chem-geld, Quick Draw, Die Hard

Psychic Powers: ???

Insanity: 11
Corruption: 0


Home world: Merov
City: Fawning Heights

-ancestors come from noble family, but plummeted in rank due to great-grandfather’s debauchery and flaunting of money
-grew up in a run-down home with a scarce supply of food amongst herself and her parents for about 8 years
-at age 8, parents were desperate for money, so they sold Ronnie to a slave trader for 10 Thrones
-on the same day, the slave trader got wasted in his cups and passed out, allowing Ronnie to steal his keys to unlock herself from the slave shackles and escape into the streets
-feeling the brunt of betrayal from her own kin, Ronnie lived off the street and was soon picked up by a gang of scavengers (the BDHB gang), who raised her like one of their own
-due to her small stature, some of the members (Jesse, Clive, and Sarah) usually bullied her (i.e., stealing her rations, beating her, calling her “the runt of the pack” and the like)
-the leader of the BDHB gang, Luke, is the only person that she trusted in the gang (since he was the one who found her in the streets); he tries to look after her, but is usually unaware of the bullying done to her
-at age 15, she took part in one of the BDHB gang raids to intercept a truck carrying food rations (the group doing the raid, consisting of Ronnie, Jesse, Clive, and Sarah)
-raid went horribly wrong, due to Clive (the attacker of the group) being caught red-handed by the bodyguards hiding in the truck amongst the boxes of food rations; the rest of the group booked it, leaving Clive behind
-once they caught their breath in an abandoned alleyway, Jesse and Sarah started to violently attack Ronnie, saying that it was her fault for the failed raid and the possibility of Clive’s death
-after a few blows to the body, Jesse lifted up Ronnie and threw her towards a brick wall, her head hitting the wall with such an impact that it rattled her brain
-the impact caused something in Ronnie’s head to ‘click’ on, causing a surge of powerful energy waves to erupt from Ronnie’s mind, marking the release of latent psyker powers
-the energy waves were powerful enough to obliterate Jesse and Sarah into a bloody mist and caused anything that ran on electricity in a 5 mile radius to shut down
-due to the shock from her ‘comrades’ exploding into a fine mist, and the fatigue caused by the power surge of psyker energy and her head injury, Ronnie collapsed in the alleyway
-an acolyte was sent to the scene by Inquisitor Rhogan to discover what had caused the abnormal power failure in that particular section of Fawning Heights
-the acolyte found an unconscious, malnourished girl that was covered in blood flecks at the scene and brought her back to Rhogan, suspecting that it was her who caused the disturbance (considering that her position was exactly in the middle of the power outage radius)
-seeing the possibility of recruiting another psyker to the Imperium, Rhogan sends her off to the black ships to test where she stands as a psyker

Love interest: Rhogan (a.k.a. “Rho-Rho”)

Interests: See love interest. Doing whatever is necessary (i.e., dangerously flirting to obtain crucial information) in order to ensure that a mission succeeds, thereby proving her worth (and getting closer) to Rhogan. Making men uncomfortable around her.

Dislikes: Other women trying to go after said-love interest. Being a psyker. Sex.

Enemies: The same as Rhogan’s enemies, in addition to women going after Rhogan.

Fear: Becoming possessed by a daemon or worse, due to the misuse of her psyker powers.

Veronica "Ronnie" Skivers

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