Theodore “Theo” Volkov


A close friend of Mathias Thule, from their Schola days. They parted ways when assigned to different portions of the Schola for advanced training.

Theodore Volkov showed great prowess early on in his career as a stormtrooper. Focussed on his duty and mission at all times, he quickly found himself under Inquisitor Rhogan – a man who is known to choose only from the best. Honoured by the opportunity, Volkov doubled his efforts, and soon found himself commanding his own squad for the Inquisitor.

After accompanying Inquisitor Rhogan on many missions across the Calixis sector, he was summoned to Penolpass where he was reacquainted with his friend – Mathias Thule. Largely issued orders that kept Theodore busy, Commander Volkov had few opportunities to join Acolyte Thule and Crimson Cell on their missions.

Crimson Cell last saw Commander Volkov board a Valkyrie, headed behind enemy lines on a mission alongside his squad and the Cell. The last news they heard of the man was his order to join Inquisitor Rhogan and Ezeroth atop Darius’ island along with his squad.

*Official Status: * KIA [ unconfirmed ] – though unconfirmed, it is highly unlikely that Commander Volkov survived the Orbital Bombardment of Penolpass.

Theodore “Theo” Volkov

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