Mathias Thule

Sins hidden in the heart turn all to decay


•Gender: Male
•Age: 24
•Build: Fit
•Height: 1.75m
•Handedness: Ambidextrous
•Eye Colour: blue
•Hair Colour: Black
•Rank: Veteran

WS 43 BS 41 Str 42 T 40 Agi 44 Int 23 Per 32 WP 34 Fel 38 Insanity: 19 Corruption: 16
Wounds: 16 Fate Points: 2

Carnodon, monoedged sword, chain greatsword, grenades, shock gloves

Literacy, Speak High/Low gothic, Survival, Drive ground vehicle, Common Lore (Administratum, Ecclesiarchy, Imperial Creed, Imperium, War) Scholastic Lore (philosophy), Awareness, Dodge +20
Parry +10,Intimidate +10, Drive Ground Vehicle +10, Pilot Military Craft, Demolitions, Navigation Surface

Talents and Traits
Melee weapon training primitive, Pistol training Las/SP, Basic weapon training Las/SP, Tempered Will, Sheltered Upbringing, Unshakeable Faith, Margin Crusade Veteran, Quick Draw, Rapid Reload, Swift Attack, Ambidextrous, Sound Constitution x 6, Melee weapon training chain, Crushing blow, Resistance Fear, Hard Target, Ciphers Acolyte + War Cant, Step Aside, Blind Fighting, True Grit, Lightning Attack, Strong minded, Blade master, combat master, counter attack, sure strike, precise blow, wall of steel, two weapon fighting, fearless, insanely faithful, meleeslinger


Raised in the Schola Progenium of Askelphion Secundus, Mathias had lived a fairly sheltered life. Taught for as long as he could remember by the schola professors, he constantly had the words of the Imperial creed as well as the skills of gun, and blade drilled into him since he could hold a stick. He was also quite a popular lad, strong, handsome and skilled with the gun and the blade, he lived in the idyllic life of a child in the schola. His one weakness however was hitting the books. Mathias never had a talent for booksmarts. Unless he writes it down, he’s often quite forgetful with his studies; a trait which continues to this day.

Despite what his popularity would lead one to naturally assume, Mathias was actually a fairly lonely child. He had “friends” but not friends. Often times they would use him and his popularity, only to get what they wanted and afterwards kick him out of their circle. Theo was the only one who he considered, to be his only comrade. They were always seen together, roughing it up with the other children, and playing pranks on them to the point where they seemed inseparable. However when they were of age to be assigned to their respective departments for further instruction, Mathias was placed under the wing of the commissariat, whereas Theo was placed with the stormtroopers. Mathias never saw him again.

Eventually many years passed by, with every moment being filled with harsh physical conditioning, and lectures on motivating the guardsmen serving with you. Having noone to really talk to Mathias became a quiet and serious individual, but was still very capable of shouting out inspiring platitudes to the troops under his command. Mathias graduated from the Commissariat training with honours, and was soon found a place as a junior commissar in the 183rd Merovian Rangers, a regiment bound for the Margin Crusade in the Halo stars region.

Placed into B company under the watchful eyes of senior commissar Morgan he learned the tricks of the trade not taught in the schola. He served the regiment fairly well for a few years, until the conquest of planet 4-14. It was in this hellhole, that he saw the majority of the company he was attached to wiped out. Struggling against vicious heretical resistance, the 183rd fought hard to capture the ground they were supposed to. Time and time again, they would be thrown into a battle of attrition that they were ill equipped to fight. In a horrific artillery barrage, the entire B company command squad was wiped out by a lucky shell. He does not know what happened to Commissar Morgan.

It was also in this same moment that an inquisitorial distress beacon started signalling. With no other ranking officer there to command the troops, Mathias did what he thought was the right thing to do. He lead them up and over. Though the rescue was successful, B company suffered 86% casualties and was absorbed into another company. He was awarded the Winged Skull for the meritous rescue of Inquisitor Rhogan, as well as for his inspirational leadership in the face of adversity. The broken survivors of the company however, got nothing. This horrid act of ignorance on the part of the Imperium incensed Mathias greatly for it was not only he who lay down much for the altar of the Emperor but also many brave guardsman who lay dead in the fields. Despite filing official reports and requests for commendations nothing was done.

Soon afterwards, he was recruited into the ranks of the Inquisition to fight the great shadow war against the enemies of man. Though he knows not where his destiny now lies, he does know that he is ready to lay down life and limb for his home, for his comrades, and for the Golden Throne.


Scarlet Crowe- Knowing that Scarlet was an assassin for the Sons of Dispater did not help her at all in the eyes of Mathias. However despite her shady past, she has begun to grow on him due to her code of honour, in which she never attempts to harm more innocents than necessary,as well as showing a surprising (in his eyes) amount of faith in the Emperor. When called to put down the heresy of Virrus she didn’t help Virrus, neither did she leap to assist Mathias. She needs to be watched.
Rating: 5/10

Virrus Quintos- As a former Commissar Mathias has a healthy respect for the troopers in the Adeptus Arbites, and Quintos did not disappoint him in his expectations. Bonding over sparring sessions, and sharing times of prayer, they have become fast friends, and someone Mathias believes he might be able to depend on in the times to come. This trust was betrayed when Virrus displayed his true allegiance to the dark gods. Branded a traitor and a scoundrel he has been dealt with accordingly. Suffer not the heretic to live. Rating: -10/10

Veronica “Ronnie” Skivers- At first Mathias considered Veronica nothing but a pencil pushing intelligence weenie. However he soon learned that underneath that supposedly foppish facade was the makings of one of mankind’s worst monstrosities… A psyker. Despite being sanctioned her failing to alert the party to a potentially world threatening situation did not exactly increase his favour in what was already seen as a silly pencil pusher playing at soldier. His hatred for her is unrestrained, and he itches for any excuse to put her in her place. Rating: -8/10

Rhogan- Mathias has mixed feelings about Rhogan. On one hand he has decreed that one shouldn’t attack heretics without provocation (as if their very existence isn’t provocation enough) and on the other hand, he is fully capable of committing regicide so that the balance of Imperial order can be maintained. he also has a willingness to care about his subordinates and it is not a bad thing in Mathias’s eyes. Everything else he’s heard about him has just been too overblown to believe. Recent discussions about the filthy nature of psykers and the shared hatred the two of them have for each other, as well as a lengthy discussion about inquisitorial tours of service have greatly improved Mathias’s view on Rhogan. A genuine respect towards Rhogan as a righteous servant of the Emperor is present. Rhogan’s last actions have earned the utmost respect in Mathias’s eyes; Mathias now works to ensure that Rhogan’s sacrifice was not in vain Rating: 7/10

Arl- At the moment Arl is seen as an intensely loyal servant of the Emperor. Mathias sees him as a good model guardsman that he must sheperd through the dark times ahead. He keeps a good working relationship, and is sure to preserve the distinction between officer and trooper. His recent actions have brought down shame upon what the Imperial Guard stands for as he put family before his duty to the Golden throne.
Rating 1/10

Theodore “Theo” Volkov- A childhood friend, Mathias gave up Theodore for dead when as children they both got moved to different portions of the Schola for further training. Recently Mathias reunited with Theo, as they were pushing into a heretic town. Though they did not have a chance to really talk until later, Theodore has proven a stalwart ally, a true servant to the Golden Throne and a true friend. He will be missed.
Rating 7/10

Mathias Thule

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