General Nolan


Thus far, the general’s service provides no reason to doubt his allegiance to the Emperor. He is known for certain questionable, but effective, war methods, and is also known for harsher than average treatment of his troops.

He has had one instance of contact with the Ruinous Powers in the Gelmiro System. This was shortlived. Not much detail is available without a higher clearance level.

General Nolan also has one instance of contact with the Inquisition. Inquisitor Darius approached him, 4 months ago, on 47 Kapella. The Inquisitor remained on the planet for a duration of 3 weeks during which he helped in the proper integration of new military equipment.

In an attempt to escort Crimson Cell back to their lander at the end of their mission on 47 Kapella, General Nolan was killed by (presumably) a car bomb.

Status KIA.

General Nolan

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