The Crimson Falling

How dreadful knowledge of the truth can be when there's no help in truth!

Audio log: AIDU-X9327-274

Thought of the Day: And they shall know me, through fire and sword they shall know me.

+++++Begin Recording+++++

As I record this we stand upon the edge of redemption. I will continue where my last log ended. Continuing our journey with that filthy rogue trader, we agreed to meet at a place called the “slimy shit pit” which apparently was an inn of disrepute. On the way down however, we were separated and we seem to have each gotten a pilot that we knew earlier on in life. By the throne was it good to see Theo… He didn’t seem to recognize me though. It must be whatever caused our identities to be erased.

When we get to the “inn” we stay the night. I chose to stay on my own. It was then that we were ambushed by an imperial kill squad. They were unusually well armed. More than one of them were equipped with some sort of power weaponry and as far as I know, that is not standard armament.

Regardless we slew them, and pushed forth to a place called Gwalior to search for Rhogan the betrayer. The imperials also seemed to be pushing in that direction, but fortunately we weren’t spotted by them. What was also weird was that the bunker we decided to stay in had a guy who had the same name as me. He was dead, but I carry his arms now.

In the morning we pushed forward again; this time into Gwalior. It was a deserted town. My comrades and I pushed forth and wound up at the cathedral. There we encountered guardians of some sort. They didn’t look too tough, but Gerard and Scarlet wanted to avoid a fight so I acquiesced to their demands. They spewed some nonsense about our righteousness but they had the look of the traitor about them.

Pushing into the cathedral we met this lady. By the emperor was she a whiny old hag. If i were not forced to sit there and listen to her idiocy, I would’ve gutted her like the swine she was. She prattled on about some riddles, and other such abominable nonsense. The only important thing that came out of her mouth was the fact that there were 3 tests. Old bitch was knowledge, despite spewing out nothing of import. The other two are strength and wisdom. I bet they will just be as idiotic as her. We are almost at the end of our quest now. Rhogan is almost within our grasp.

Mark my words, I. WILL. KILL. RHOGAN.



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