Compendium of Obtained Information

Collection of all the information that you have to go on. Feel free to add more to the list as things come along.

1) There is a Darian Acolyte cell at Scintilla which was researching the gas before the cell at Penolpass. This cell on Scintilla is now researching something ‘more urgent’.

2) There is a Darian Acolyte cell on the Forge World Turanshush which is researching recently uncovered ruins for the Inquisition.

3) Rhogan has a remote ‘office’ where he used to send all of his documents, reports, and information. A team of techpriests is currently working on accessing the most guarded of this information.

4) Del Rosa recognized a Tyrannid plot of controlling local politics through gene stealers. He was employed by Rhogan for this reason.

5) Rhogan has a map in his office of the Calixis sector, heavily related to a map of the warp.

6) Hereteks on Scintilla have been collecting cranial fluid known as “Essence of the Warp” for unknown purposes.

7) Rhogan had approached both Remus and Commissar Yvonne under the pretense of “health inspection” to work with the Inquisition, and “failed to pass” both candidates. Both Remus and Yvonne were then approached by Darius. Remus accepted a collaboration with Darius, whereas Yvonne did not.

Excerpt from Virrus’ journal
The Justicar Venris, my old mentor while I was investigating the Calixian Pattern Killings prior to meeting Rhogan, seems to have gone missing on the pleasure world of Cyprian’s Gate [which, before you think snide thoughts, has been the site for many Pattern Killings]. The Magistrate here at Sector HQ has been trying to pressure me into going there to look for him, as there is no Arbite presence currently there. I’ve managed to deflect her, as she cannot legally order me to abandon my Inquisitorial orders in place of her own, yet I am naturally still hopeful of finding myself there, in search of Venris along with any clue of Darius. I shall have to ask the other members of the cell for whatever intelligence they get their hands on such that I can expedite my own investigations. It was kind of the Magistrate to provide me with investigative access, but I must take care to keep her from discovering too much of our own investigations lest she catch on that I’m not willing to invent evidence to further her own ends…

Summary of Scarlet’s findings
Burwin is currently working a contract that was specifically requested to him by the Inquisitor Rhogan. This contract consists of multiple hits, the initial and easiest target a nobleman who enjoys vacationing on Cyprian’s Gate. He is currently en route to the planet. Edric is also currently working a contract for Rhogan, no details. The contract is under tight restriction regarding leaks of information.

Obtaining the location of Rhogan’s safehouse will likely only be done through a man currently being held captive for treason against the Imperium. The prision, Rikshuus, is a privately owned space station just past Klybo, in the Markayan Marches. Ensuring cooperation may be difficult, as torture may prove ineffective and bribery shut down by the warden — no confirmation.

Compendium of Obtained Information

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