Arc 2 Timeline

Day 0
The Lazarus arrives at Scintilla for a court summonings at the Tricorn Palace. Scarlet visits the Sons of Dispater.

Day 1
Mathias pursues the treatment of his arm. Virrus visits the Adeptus Arbites headquarters.

Day 2
Mathias visits the Imperial Guard. The location of the prison Rikhuus is found.

Day 3
Shopping in preparation for the visit to Rikshuus.

Day 4-16
Travel [Depart Scintilla; Arrive at Rikshuus].

Day 17
The Lazarus arrives at Rikshuus. The cell meets with Warden Kaleb.

Day 18-20
Deciphering of the geometric map is conducted.

Day 19
Boris is interrogated [8==>]

Day 20
The Lazarus departs Rikshuus.

Day 21-22

Day 23
The Lazarus picks up Del Rosa.

Day 24-37
Travel. [[Depart Pick-up point; Arrive at Scintilla]

Day 38
The Lazarus arrives at Scintilla. The cell visits Rhogan’s safehouse.

Day 39
Virrus visits the Magistrate Baraspine.

Day 40
The cell investigates sector C-8.

Day 41-55
Research on the heretek technology is conducted.

Day 56-76

Day 77
The Lazarus arrives at Cyprian’s Gate. The cell checks in, and has their suite broken into.

Day 78
The riddle is pursued. Mathias meets with Remus.

Day 79
Mathias spends the day healing. The riddle is thought upon.

Day 80
Arl arrives at the resort. The riddle is solved.

Day 81
The heretical village is found and destroyed. Virrus returns to the Lazarus for research.

Day 82
Virrus returns, and questions Scarlet about her rapid healing.

Day 83
Mathias is hired by Remus. Scarlet, Virrus, andArl meet with Burwin.

Day 84
The Lazarus departs Cyprian’s Gate and bombards it.

Day 85-89

Day 90
The cell meets with General Nolan and is carried as near the objective as possible.

Day 91

Day 92
The cell reaches and reclaims the bunker.

Day 93-95
Waiting for General Nolan’s replacement team.

Day 96
General Nolan’s troops arrive. The cell returns to the Lazarus.

Day 97-104

Day 105
The Lazarus arrives at Turanshush. The cell explores the Turanshush mine.

Day 106-111

Day 112
The Lazarus arrives at Maccabeus Quintus. Arl is taken to be examined. Grand Master Cornelius meets with Scarlet.

Day 113
The cell waits for word from Grand Master Cornelius.

Day 114
Arl is returned to the cell. Grand Master Cornelius gives the cell Rhogan’s warp map.

Day 115
The cell explores the shrine. Tyranids attack Maccabeus Quintus.

Day 116-122

Day 123
The Lazarus arrives at Kulth. The cell meets and questions General Elias Kar. A battle is fought against the Orks.

Day 124

Day 125
The Lazarus makes the transition into the Immaterium. The Lazarus is destroyed.

Day ???
The cell returns to the material world.

Arc 2 Timeline

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