Scarlet Crowe

Father, to your hands I commanded my spirit. Why have you, in your eyes, in your thoughts, in your heart, forsaken me?



  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 26 ?
  • Build: Slender
  • Height: 5’8", 172cm
  • Weight: 140lbs, 63kg
  • Handedness: Left-Handed
  • Skin Colour: Cream
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Hair Colour: Fiery Red
  • Rank: Assassin at Marque


WS 30 Wounds 15/15
BS 55 Kills 23/3/70/11
Str 35 Insanity 32
T 54 Corruption 39
Ag 46
Int 30
Per 41
WP 38
Fel 27


Hunting Rifle (Telescopic Sight/Red Dot Sight)
Carnodon (Red Dot Sight)
Bolt Pistol (Red Dot Sight)
Stub Automatic Pistol
Zippo Knife


Acrobatics +10
Awareness +10
Charm +10
Ciphers ( Homebrew) Skilled
Ciphers ( Acolyte) Skilled
Climb +10
Common Lore ( Imperial Creed)
Common Lore ( Imperium)
Common Lore ( War)
Common Lore ( Underworld) Skilled
Concealment Skilled
Dodge +20
Intimidate Skilled
Scrutiny Skilled
Security Skilled
Shadowing Skilled
Silent Move +10
Sleight of Hand Skilled
Speak Language ( Low Gothic) Skilled
Speak Language ( High Gothic)


Blessed Ignorance
Crack Shot
Heightened Senses ( Sight)
Heightened Senses ( Hearing_)
Hip Shooting
Lightning Reflexes
Liturgical Familiarity
Leap Up
Mighty Shot
Quick Draw
Rapid Reaction
Rapid Reload
Superior Origins
Two Weapon Wielder (_Ballistic

Melee Weapon Training ( Primitive)
Pistol Training ( SP)
Pistol Training ( Las)
Pistol Training ( Bolt)
Basic Weapon Training ( SP)
Basic Weapon Training ( Las)


Scarlet Crowe was born Lumi Hornik to a lower-class family on the backwater planet of Hazeroth-598. Growing up with an abusive mother and a father who did nothing about it, Lumi developed a distrust for women at an early age. At the age of 14, she could no longer bear her domestic stresses. Gathering whatever savings she could find, she ran away from home, hoping to make a better life for herself. However, within a very short month, she had discovered that the street life was not much better than her home life. Penniless and starving, Lumi turned to her last resort: Lady Crow’s Brothel.

Lady Crow was very protective of her girls, and soon became a mother figure to Lumi. Lady Crow had changed Lumi’s name to Scarlet, after her fiery red hair. Despite much hostility from the other girls, Scarlet made friends with Sugar Gaze, a girl who hadn’t been there much longer. Determined not to fall back into helplessness and poverty, Scarlet worked hard at her new profession despite her personal stigma toward it. With Sugar Gaze’s help, Scarlet learned the tricks to success and survival.

Not too long into her new career, money started to mysteriously disappear from the brothel’s till. After a series of confrontations and accusations, Sugar Gaze finally pinned the blame on Scarlet. Although Lady Crow trusted Scarlet not to have taken the money, it was clear that her trust had diminished slightly. However, she allowed Scarlet to remain in the brothel, which beckoned hatred from the other girls. Having been betrayed by her only friend, Scarlet’s distrust for women was reinforced.

Approaching the end of her second year at Lady Crow’s, business was in decline. The brothel was at risk of closure, leaving the girls to fend for themselves on the street. It was at this time Scarlet was approached by a new client. Not giving a name, he had a peculiar request: kill his wife and her lover. In return, he would pay her a hefty sum. Desperate for the money, Scarlet accepted his request, knowing that if she were to fail, she hadn’t much to lose.

With what money she had left, Scarlet purchased a pistol. She approached the residence she was instructed with by knocking on the door. The lover answered, and was quickly disposed of. The wife followed him shortly after, having run downstairs to investigate the commotion. The thrill of the kills consumed Scarlet, bringing her to realize an alternate career path. With the brothel at the verge of closure, and contract killing as a greater source of income, Scarlet decided to move on in search of assassination opportunities. Out of respect to her favourite guardian, Scarlet took the last name Crowe, often using the skills she had acquired at the brothel as an aid.

It wasn’t long until Scarlet was approached by a representative of The Sons of Dispater: a freelance guild of assassins. Joining them, she honed her talents, and took her contract life more seriously. After her training, she was assigned to the planet of Faldon Kise, where she met and became close friends with fellow Brothers Burwin Gallagher and Edric Gerig. Completely disappointed in her father, Scarlet found comfort in these men with backbone. In their time free from contracts, they would rival their skills, often in chase games and target shooting.

After a particularly difficult contract, Scarlet was contacted by one Inquisitor Rhogan. He was impressed by her latest kill as it turned out to be one of his own men, and wished to employ her for her services.

The events of Penolpass have led to a dramatic change in Scarlet’s personality. Once independent and happy to be just another member of the cell, she now feels the need to lead and take charge for the emotionally-driven task she has taken upon herself, and recruited others for. No longer pining for praise from authority, the initial belief of Rhogan’s death has finally led to a breakaway from Scarlet’s dependency on figures stronger than herself. Her carriage of self has also changed dramatically; where Scarlet was once most comfortable being friendly and flirtatious, she is much colder now, and even dresses somewhat more conservatively.

Character Relations:

Arl Erikson
After working with Arl for over a year, Scarlet sees his worth as both a capable and competent soldier. She feels extremely guilty over the death of his family as she felt it was her duty to protect them, and hopes that she can be some source of comfort in his grieving. She feels as if a friendship has grown between them, and places a lot of trust in his loyalty as a friend. Scarlet hopes that the possibility of saving Arl’s family now will not turn out to be fruitless.

Burwin Gallagher
Having spent many years together as friends on Faldon Kise, Scarlet considers Burwin to be family. However, despite earlier distrust, his crucial role in assisting Rhogan has reassured her of his allegiances. Scarlet currently (secretly) believes that despite the orbital bombardment of Cyprian’s Gate, Burwin remains alive somewhere. She is unsure of what to think of him in this new context.

Edward Connery
Heartfelt conversation with the Captain of the Lazarus on topics of Rhogan had led to a bond of great friendship. His ability to run a tight ship garnered the greatest of respect, as did his professional nature of dealing with Inquisitional matters. Scarlet is incredibly appreciative of the Captain’s willingness to assist her cell’s cause, and his faithful disposal of resources. The perceived level of respect she received from him also made her feel as if he was one of her more trustworthy allies. What she could only assume to be his inevitable death is upsetting.

Initially attracted to Ezeroth’s evident position of power, big gun, and big guns, Scarlet came to know Ezeroth very personally. His contribution in combating Scarlet’s daemonic experiences have been appreciated beyond words. After his death on Penolpass, Scarlet has grown cruel, callous, and vindictive.

Gérard de Villefort
Scarlet has taken an initial liking to Gérard’s combat ability and sense of humour. With seeming disregard for his esteemed position as a Moritat Reaper, Gérard’s humble bearing toward the original cell members make her feel more comfortable with his (and her own) position within the cell. She hopes that she has not made a mistake in learning to trust him.

Mathias Thule
Despite originally disregarding Mathias as a tasteless prude, Scarlet has seen his softer human nature and views him as a person capable of bonding with. Highly respectful of his incredible combat ability and willingness to work for the team, Scarlet has overlooked Mathias’ occasional rash behaviour and assumptions. His gift to her of a bolt pistol has cemented her willingness to look at things from his point of view. Recent sharing of matters concerning the warp has shown her Mathias’ more vulnerable side, which she feels obliged to help him in. However, since her recent discovery in his betrayal of trust, she is more hesitant to open up to him. His inability to listen to reason regarding his treatment of Arl, and his inability to think before speaking has also caused upset in her views.

Scarlet was honoured to be working under a man as capable and as powerful as Rhogan. Impressed by the many stories she heard of his glory, she thought more highly of him than she did anybody else. Over time, she began to view him almost as a father-figure, and strove to impress him. Recent events have led to a slight internal conflict, not knowing whether she has been completely betrayed, or if she should trust Rhogan to have some greater plan. She does not look forward to confronting him.

Virrus Quintos
Due to their similar backgrounds, Scarlet had no trouble bonding with Virrus from the very beginning. Many hours spent drinking and chatting had led to a close friendship. Virrus’ exceptional display of diplomacy made Scarlet proud to call him friend, and had allowed her to trust in his ability to take care of himself. Scarlet had found Virrus’ sombre self-image amusing, and had been inclined to help him find a girlfriend. His death had left her shaken, though she quickly overcame her emotional weaknesses, now with more purpose and fight.

Knives and Rothman
Scarlet’s affection to her cats has largely been out of a reflected affection for others. Both cats’ feral killing sensibilities, in combination with Knives’ slender build and Rothman’s significantly larger stature, have been reminiscent to Scarlet of herself, and Ezeroth and Rhogan in conjunction, respectively. After the loss of both cats, it is unlikely that Scarlet will actively pursue finding a new cat, although she is not entirely adverse to the notion of owning another one.

Scarlet Crowe

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