Bullets bring an end to Heresies


Ezeroth seems to be a highly-ranked soldier of Inquisitor Rhogan. The Cell – apart from Scarlet – doesn’t know too much about him. Scarlet seems to have taken an interest in his armaments – and more.

He was given command of a mission to protect a small town on Penolpass from raiders. Although the town fell, Ezeroth suggested that an ulterior goal had been met.

Over the next half-year Ezeroth played a key role in the war against the House of Raes, on Penolpass. In the four months of the war, he was responsible for many tactical strikes, and for coordinating many orbital attacks from the Grand Cruiser Lazarus.

Crimson Cell last saw Ezeroth alongside Rhogan, awaiting the arrival of Theodore Volkov and his squad onto Darius’ floating island.

Official Status: KIA [ unconfirmed ] – though unconfirmed, it is highly unlikely that Ezeroth survived the Orbital Bombardment of Penolpass.


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