Burwin Gallagher


Burwin was found, close to death, at the end of a major conflict outside the DelCorp Mines. After being patched up by Arl, Acolyte Virrus interrogated him in regards to his involvement with the opposition of His Holy Inquisition. Burwin seemed to cooperate, and requested only to see Acolyte Scarlet before his ‘inevitable fate’. During the ensuing conversation, he was offered a place in the Inquisition, despite his condition. He was taken to the Inquisitorial HQ where he was nursed back to a healthier state in order to prepare him for a conversation with the Inquisitor.

Burwin was briefly involved with Inquisitor Rhogan and the Crimson Cell on Penolpass, largely in regards to research on the strange weaponized gas. After departure from Penolpass, he was taken to the Court at the Tricorn Palace, presented as an associate to heretics. Being a member of the Sons of Dispater, his fate was to be determined by the assassin guild itself. The guild set Burwin free, and provided him with a new contract – a contract from Rhogan, dating back a few months, requesting Burwin as the assassin, and providing a list of names to be eliminated quickly.

Burwin was last seen on Cyprian’s Gate, attempting to assassinate one Nobleman Remus. This being his known location during the orbital bombardment of the planet, Burwin is assumed KIA [unconfirmed].

Burwin Gallagher

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