Arl Erikson

Pain is temporary, Honour is forever.


Arl is a steadfast soldier (field medic), unerring in his service to the Emperor. Picked from amongst the many grunts of the local militia, Arl (along with his late brother Url) were among the first to be trained by the Guardsmen of Solomon’s 45th. Though always eager for combat, Arl is not yet too battle-hardened. Most of his experience is from the training grounds, and from accompanying Crimson Cell on its recent missions across Penolpass. He is, however, very thorough with his Uplifting Primer, and carries it everywhere.

As Arl continues his work with Crimson Cell, he seems to be improving as a soldier and a medic. He has received accolades from the Acolytes of the cell, and they seem to appreciate his skill and character. Rhogan seems to have a specific interest in Arl as well – he was recently made to lead a strike force by Rhogan’s orders, and the Inquisitor has been curious as to his performance as well.

Over the past weeks, Arl has grown more fond of the Acolytes he has been working with. He appreciates the mutual nature of the respect between them (as far as he feels and knows, at least), and is proud to be attached to a group such as Crimson Cell. He has also had the pleasure of developing a more friendly rapport with Scarlet and Virrus, and has even spoken to Scarlet about his family – something he prefers to keep close to the chest.

In a past mission on Penolpass, Arl was unable to protect his family during a raid. Despite his efforts, he lost his wife, daughter, and nephew to the raiders. In his depression, Arl has become distanced, but still maintains his abilities as a soldier of the Imperium. Despite his quiet nature, one can tell there is a strong sense of hatred brewing against His enemies.

Arl continued to serve valiantly alongside Crimson Cell, fighting Heresies as best as he could. This once humble militia man had been sculpted into a warrior. After spending over ten months with the Cell (some would argue it was merely three) he attained his first major battle scar – losing his nose as a result of friendly fire.

On the Cell’s final mission at Penolpass, Arl played a key role in ensuring the success of their mission – he rescued the team from a daemon, shooting it down with the mounted weapons on a Carrier. This man has shown his prowess and capability in battle – surely he deserves decoration.

Arl Erikson

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