The Crimson Falling

We Came Here to Kick Ass and Chew Bubble Gum...

Document Name: =I= report to Captain Connery of His Divine Majesty’s Imperial Inquisition Document number: 02-846392
Date: 3.473.000 M42
Authorization: Acolyte Mathias Thule of Crimson Cell
Thought of the Day: Heresy grows from idleness.

To Captain Connery,

As you no doubt know, the techpriests discovered several non specific findings in regards to the bodies that were found in the Scintillan cell hideout. The toxins and machine were all things that could be cobbled together from common components. All other details regarding the findings can be found with the cogboys and their own report.

The Mechanicus report suggests that the machinery and resulting extract are Heretekal in nature. The liquid is an ‘Essence of the Warp’, as they put it. Used to power various forms of machinery and equipment, all banned by the Mechanicus.

Seeking to progress forward in our investigation we chose to investigate the planet of Cyprian’s Gate. To prevent suspicion we chose to disguise ourselves as wealthy rogue traders with Virrus playing as the trader, Scarlet as his mistress and I as his body guard. Upon arrival we were quickly greeted by the staff and given a room. After which we quickly decided to do two main things. First we fought in the arena and established a connection with another nobleman; one named Remus who suspected himself to be the target of an assassin and was hiring many strong fighters. We speculate that he may potentially be the target of Burwin. Since he was talking specifically of hiring me, I decided to take up his offer and become one of his men. Upon discussing terms with him I found out that a good portion of his men are actually armed with blades made from some sort of xenos weapon (death to all xenos!), something that most definitely should be looked into.

The second thing we did was to investigate the bombed out room, but we didn’t get very far as there was too much security to pass which we did not have the proper tech support for. However an interesting event did happen in which our room was broken into and a note and deposit box key was left behind. The note was a riddle which detailed several challenges, among them being a door that only opens when exposed to “unwinding” drugs (i.e. alcohol), and a waterfall that rotted things away instantaneously (surely a foul monument to some chaos witchery). Now we stand before a portal in the dark. We do not fear though for faith is our torch and with it we will banish the shadows of the heretics!

In His Name,

Mathias Thule



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