The Crimson Falling

We All Fall Down

=4.233.000 M42=

In a previous mission to the Raes palace, we had discovered the whereabouts of back-passages, and took these to avoid further confrontation with the guards. Mathias took the responsibility of locating Commander Volkov while the rest of us looked to secure an escape vehicle. Locating the garage was easy enough, but finding an exit from the palace proved to be more difficult. After splitting up, we finally found a way into the stables, and cut through the grounds to the garage.

Inside, we found six tanks. After rigging one to act as a distraction, we took the other and fled the town for Domegis. It was not long until we managed to contact Rhogan, who informed us to turn south instead, and head to the city of Skrall. We were met halfway by a scouting valkyrie around midnight, and were flown the rest of the way.

Upon reaching Skrall, we were brought to the Tabulae Maximus where Rhogan awaited us. He informed us that shortly after we had been out of contact, Raes took over as king, and wanted to break from the Imperium. War had been raging as of four months ago, and full engagement was expected within the week. Domegis had been utterly destroyed as the capital, and as such, the base of operations had been relocated to Skrall.

Our cell, along with Arl, Ezeroth, Commander Volkov, four accompanying stormtroopers, and Rhogan himself, were to move behind the line of assault to the command tent, and capture Warmaster Cain. It was suspected that Raes had recently hired Cain as his new general, and that Cain was in fact primarily in charge of the assault. We left by Valkyrie in the early morning and made for the flying island. As we scouted for a place to land, a terrible feedback came over the vox system, and several of us had to discard our microbeads in pain. We were deposited to one side of the island along with Rhogan and Ezeroth, while the stormtroopers force looked to engage elsewhere. When we landed, a strong vibration shook the ground, and a loud, booming voice spoke to us. Six hostiles appeared out of nowhere, dressed in red and brass with horned helms and giant axes. As we fought them off, the voice continued to speak, claiming to be Inquisitor Darius, and telling of his plans to gain power through heretical means and contracts with false gods.

Once our defences became strained, Rhogan ordered the cell to return to the planet surface to rescue Burwin Gallagher and Keeno. We were told to then evacuate the planet, and purge it of heresy. Following these orders, we parachuted back to the surface. There we were surrounded by dozens of cultists, and as we fought them away, they seemed to burst from their skin into fleshy, rabid creatures. We managed to salvage a pickup truck, and drove furiously toward the Tabulae Maximus, all the while being chased by these vile creatures.

Upon reaching the library, Mathias and Arl went to secure a transport vessel while Virrus and I searched for Burwin and Keeno. Virrus and I were slowed by some light resistance, and reunited with Mathias once he had located a shuttle. The three of us headed toward the library basement to look for Burwin and Keeno. However, we soon noticed that they were joined by a third figure, Warmaster Cain. After confronting Cain, he agreed to come with us peacefully if we were able to offer him “a cure” for a condition he would not specify. It was evident that he was mentally unstable, and we agreed to his terms so that he would cooperate.

The ground began to quake, and we raced out of the building soon before it collapsed behind us. However, in the centre of the rubble remained a solitary, black figure, floating above the wreckage. A fuzzy haze surrounded what was identifiable as a little girl, who then proceeded to hurl pieces of the wreckage at us. While we ran around the massive crater dodging debris, Mathias managed to contact Arl, and directed him to target the shuttle’s las cannon at the girl. On impact the girl was defeated, and the debris of the library exploded after imploding upon itself.

We reached the shuttle and evacuated the planet just in time to see the ground open up, and release hundreds of the skinless cultist creatures. Mathias made contact with the Lazarus to confirm orbital bombardment, and Penolpass was destroyed.

=5S68 VR IMP PD=



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