The Crimson Falling

Morituri te Salutant


(soft hissing)

FALLING?! OF ALL FUCKING THINGS, FALLING???! Seriously, how did I end up here of all places? If anybody manages to find this in whatever wreckage we leave behind, here’s what you need to know, and URGENTLY.

(rushed speech) After Turanshush we made our way to Maccabeus Quintus. We met with some Captain, and a cartographer/grand master Cornelius. We had gone there in hopes that Cornelius would be able to find a warp map for us, which he did. We had a good and holy mass attended by Father Jonah, when xenos rocks, or maybe they were eggs, began to fall from the sky. There was a huge fight, but we managed to destroy the Xenos before too much damage was done. There was no Xenos ship in orbit, so they came from Emperor knows where.

On the Lazarus, we had word from the Tricorn Palace that Darius had been in contact with high authority on Kulth, where there was an ongoing war with the orks led by Elias Karr. When we got there, we received news that Karr had been isolated up at the front, and that troops had been ordered by some idiotic Commissar not to go after him. Since we couldn’t care less about the Commissar’s orders, we went after him ourselves. Once we found Karr and started questioning him about our investigations, he recognised (brief and sudden pause) Rhogan’s name. He had a message for us from him, dated over a year ago, stating, “Seek the one they call immortal”. We didn’t KNOW him that long ago. How did he write us that message?? (brief pause)

(deep breath) We left Kulth after a quick skirmish with the Orks, and headed for the location we now surmised was where we had to go. It was a location embedded in the Immaterium, and we had to reach it through a specialised boarding tube.

It was some sort of cylindrical vessel. We entered a room and mechanical voice spoke over a comms system of something called Project Darius, referring to both Yvonne and Remus. The door shut behind us and we were locked in, unable to cut our way out. Hundreds of mechanised tubes were then revealed to us, each containing an identical……person? And then….then the voice said, “Care to do the honours, master?”

And Rhogan’s voice came over the comm. Rhogan’s voice, which I had hoped to hear since that day on Penolpass, (intense choking up) came over the comm to dismiss us.

(crying) And now I’m stuck in this horror room, hurtling toward who knows what planet, and I’m going to die. Dear god, dear god. Why is this happening? I just want to go home.

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