The Crimson Falling

Great Scott!

Document: 01-A359268-CC-3277 Crimson Cell Penolpass Report 6.dat
=-=-= Security Level Three =-=-=
=-=-= For Internal Use Only =-=-=

Date of Submission: 4.119.000.M42
To: The Right and Honourable Inquisitor Rhogan
Author: [Level-1 Acolyte] Virrus Quintos
[Affiliation] Imperial Inquisition Crimson Cell
Subject: Mission 6 Report

Attachments: [none]

Greetings and highest respects to milord Inquisitor Rhogan.

Firstly, I must apologize for what must appear to be several consecutive months without a single report from Crimson Cell, let alone any sight of hide or hair. From what I gather, milord likely has much on his plate right now, and with little time to spare for the trivialities of what seems like a failed mission and a missing cell, so I will cut right to the chase, for there is legitimate reason for our disappearance this past half-year.

If milord would grant me the favour of recalling back to the message we sent immediately following my reinforcing the rest of the cell after my separate duties, in the accompaniment of two storm-troopers. That was due to our newest encounter with the previously reported phenomenon of an otherworldly cycle of growth and decay in vegetation sped up to an extreme. Once again there existed a sort of “bubble” around the cell wherein both growth and decay were halted, as if sentience alone were immune to the miasma of warp-fuelled distortion that was the foliage. The reason we sent that message was that we discovered that not only did our surroundings change, but this time, time itself was proceeding at differing rates.

We immediately retreated back to the beach where the storm-troopers and the individual known as Keeno were waiting with the submarine. The time discrepancy we noticed was negligible and impossible to verify at the time. The party was then to split up while Acolytes Crowe, Thule, Erikson, and myself were to head in land on foot, while the storm-troopers would escort Keeno, the only capable pilot, as the submarine searched along the coast.

As we made our way deeper into the new continent, we had two encounters with enemy aerial patrols, including one failed attempt to take it down. An indeterminate amount of time later, we came across a sudden change in landscape, as the warp-infested forest ended on a distinct border with what seemed like completely artificial terrain, both grass and trees. This division and the new landscape stretched beyond our vision to either side, so the party decided it was worth the risk to enter it. At worst, we felt, we would be considerably harder to spot in the dead of night than back in the mutated forest, with the empty bubble around us.

Not long after the change in scenery, we came across what appeared to be a small forward outpost, encompassed within a simple shoulder-height fence. The single visible guard-post at the main entrance was occupied by an inattentive guard. After some difficulty and debate, we infiltrated the perimeter and made our way to the large stone building. Within the camp there were also a small number of box-shaped silo-like structures lacking windows and with a single visible door. At the back of the stone building we entered was an airfield with three valkyries parked, and a large door suggesting the building also served as a hangar. Inside, the ground floor appeared to be mainly dedicated to serving as a loading bay, where a techpriest was herding servitors to load large barrel-like canisters by the door. We incapacitated the techpriest and proceeded to the second floor.

The second floor at first appeared much smaller than the first, due to one wall of what seemed like glass. At a table against the glass, facing inside, were two techpriests at work. The party attempted to trick these workers into believing we were dispatched from their headquarters, in order to steal some data on their research, which they were obviously doing. Unfortunately, before they compiled the full report, they caught on to our deception, and before expiring opened the (presumably) pressurized door, unleashing the deadly gas we are all too familiar with. Out of the gas charged some warped being, hardly human, and given the uncertainty of the encounter we fought a retreating action.

[I must take acknowledge Acolyte Thule in his stalwart courage for holding the beasts back at the door, as well as Acolyte Crowe for her dedication in protecting the party when she forced her aid on me when I was hit by the gas]

We gathered what little evidence we could, then fled the camp to make our way back to rendevous with the sub. En route, the storm-troopers reported trouble, but we soon lost contact. We located the sub along the coast, and after disposing of a combat servitor acting as sentry, made our way in, clearing the quarters as per doctrine. On reaching the mess hall dividing the control room and the stairs leading to the decks below, the party split as Acolyte Crowe and I would search the control room and Acolytes Thule and Erikson for Storm-trooper Volkov.

The control room door opened up to the sight of a techpriest bent over the machinery, mumbling to himself and repeating the words “Nobody betrays Keeno.” Contact had been established, but negotiations appeared to lead nowhere. Some combat ensued, but once the opponent had calmed down he was willing to re-engage in negotiations, and a ceasefire was worked out. It became clear that this person is the true Keeno, and the one previously referred to as Keeno simply a fraud. The terms of the ceasefire was simply that he would accompany us back to Domegis to see milord, and in return we would not molest his body or work until he has had a chance to discuss with milord in person.

In the meantime, Acolyte Thule had succeeded in his objective of rescuing Storm-trooper Volkov.

Crimson Cell then proceeded to make the journey back to the Northern continent and report to milord. Upon landfall, we immediately made contact with headquarters and milord, and set off as fast as we could. Along the way we were picked up by a troop transport of the Rhaes Faction, not knowing the political situation. As a result, we were unknowingly brought to Nilka and ushered in to see the late Nobleman. It appears he wished to corrupt, interrogate, or hold us ransom against milord, and spoke of working for a purpose greater than his life alone, or anyone present. It was at this point that we terminated him, and armed ourselves with cutlery and chairs to face the guards that we knew would be coming in.

Practically unarmed against heavily armed palace guards, we were able to overcome the defenders through a combination of teamwork from myself and Acolyte Thule, as well as Acolyte Crowe’s quick thinking in dodging behind the enemy to retrieve the weaponry we were stripped of before entering the hall. Keeno also proved to be a worthy ally, stepping in to deliver the final blows and quite single-handedly ending the encounter. He did, quite honourably in my opinion, express a strong wish for us to avoid the shedding of blood, but accepted our refusal to be incarcerated in the end.

As I am writing this, we are currently gearing up to storm our way out of the castle. We hope to break past the defences in a captured transport and speed our way back to Domegis, so, milord Rhogan, please extend to us your blessings.

May the Emperor guide our path.

-Acolyte Virrus Quintos



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