The Crimson Falling


=3.353.000 M42=
Much has transgressed since our initial arrival on Scintilla. In accordance with the charge laid upon us by the Court of the Tricorn Palace to further investigate the Inquisitor Darius and his possible role in the demise of Rhogan we departed for the privately owned prison of Rikshuus, by the planet Klybo in the Markayn Marches. I met with the Warden Kaleb, who was willing to cooperate with our request to question the prisoner whom we suspected to possess knowledge of Rhogan’s prime safehouse. The prisoner, a man by the name of Del Rosa [No. 55-153], showed no signs of mental trauma and was physically healthy despite a number of burn scars covering his face and body. Under the effects of Halo he revealed his story.

Del Rosa was an Adept employed in various sectors until his sharp mind one day recognized a Tyrannid plot of controlling local politics through gene stealers. Thanks to his investigative skill and intuition he was hired by Rhogan, under whom he served for twenty years. It would seem he enjoyed a loyal and hardworking career until he recognized a pattern in Rhogan’s office for what it was – a map to his prime safehouse. Del Rosa made the mistake of asking Rhogan, and the latter was forced to throw him in Rikshuus to safeguard this secret.

Alas, while my heart weeps for Del Rosa’s internment that was caused by none other than his own intellectual prowess, the Emperor has truly blessed us in placing him in our path. While I pray that similar injustice need not occur to too many loyal Imperialists, I pray, too, that those possessing such skill are not too easily squandered nor too rare.

After our initial decryption of the map Del Rosa had tattoo’d on his own scalp, we moved him into our custody where, with his own cooperation, a psyker-assisted interrogation gave us the final piece in locating and accessing Rhogan’s safehouse.

Two weeks of travel later we worked our way into the safehouse. It is in the depths of Hive Sibellus, in the prohibited sector of C7. There was an unfortunate exchange of fire between our cell and an Arbitrator squad that had been designated to defend the safehouse at all costs. Crimson cell came out relatively unscathed, but our opponents, not recognizing our identification, forced our hand in causing their deaths. May their staunch loyalty find them seats by the Emperor’s side.

Rhogan’s safehouse contained a very intricate map, presumably where he had been keeping track of events he considered notable. We already know of Darius’ relatively recent seizure of control over Turanshush, reports of the new gaseous weapon being used on 47 Kapella, and Rhogan’s post-mortem contracts with Scarlet’s brethren Burwin and Edric involving Cyprian’s Gate. The map revealed to us Rhogan’s suspicions of Farcrast and Kulth as well. After some analysis of the layout of the map, it would appear that Rhogan’s own analysis led him to come closer to pin-pointing the cause somewhere in the centre of the map, as opposed to on the outer reaches. We later found what he had been searching for.

The answering machine in the safehouse held messages whose contents were rather disturbing given the context of recent events. They revealed a gradual loss of control, as well as systematic elimination of Rhogan’s other cells. Crimson cell should consider itself lucky to have been serving directly by Rhogan, a situation which no doubt led to our continued survival. We know now that we are the last of Rhogan’s functional cells, short of any lone survivors that may be out there. The desire for vengeance and justice burns ever brighter in my heart at the thought of this.

One such potentail survivor of the massacres is an Enforcer Palantin, whose messages indicated his location on Quaddis. An interview with the local Magistrate Baraspine confirmed Palantin’s connection with the Inquisition, as well as his last known location of Quaddis.

Aside from other forms of documentation that will be moved to the Lazarus, there was one final thing to note of the safehouse. Rhogan had a private room, locked behind a golden door. Our techpriests are working on it, but at the time of my writing they assure me that they cannot reasonably open it without setting off any self-destructing traps any sooner than seventeen weeks from now. I would expect nothing else of my late Inquisitor’s preparation.

The interview with Baraspine also revealed a similar Inquisitorial safehouse somewhere in Sector C8. The entrance proved to be through the wine cellar of a local inn. While staying at the inn, the cell ran into a techpriest by the name of Varryn, who appeared to be a regular. I immediately left for the nearest safe terminal to see what data we may have on this irregular regular, leaving the rest of the cell to investigate what they could and to keep an eye on our new friend. It is now evident that my departure was premature, a mistake I don’t expect to repeat.

While I was gone it would appear Acolytes Crowe and Thule took it upon themselves to gain entry into the [then suspected] Darian safehouse. Detail of the horrors found there are described in a separate entry, but suffice it to say that they discovered rather convincing evidence that Darius has been behind the Calixian Pattern Killings. Acolytes Crowe and Thule valourously charged and brought down the Darian cell members who happened to be on site, two unknown Techpriests along with Varryn whom we had already met. As a fellow member of Crimson cell I do not believe it necessary for any formal disciplinary action as their own actions were purely in the interests of the mission and loyalty to our cause, but out of concern for both their own wellbeing and the success of future missions, I hope the Captain will spend some time in levelling their heads. Their actions are certainly praiseworthy in their pure valour and bravery, but such methods belong in the war zones and not in Inquisitorial investigation.

Attached please find my supplementary report on the details of Darius’ victims found at the site. The victims conditions are identical to those of the Calixian Pattern Killings, and evidence strongly suggests that the procedure was necessary to research being done by these techpriests. May the Emperor give us strength to smash these enemies and bring their leader to justice.

I have included the following excerpt from Acolyte Crowe to provide further details on the events that Acolyte Quintos was not present for.

- Captain Connery

In the wine cellar of the establishment [the local inn], I noticed an aberrant Mechanicus symbol etched upon a loose brick. Pulling on the brick caused the wall to open up, exposing a hidden elevator. Under poor judgement, we decided to take the elevator down, and follow the hallway it led to. It was immediately evident that this was a place meant for cult activities, as we faced severed body upon severed body, splayed and displayed upon a cross in star-like formation. We approached a set of double doors at the end of the hall, and after throwing them open, were forced to engage the two heavily armed, heavily armoured techpriests behind it.

Despite the fact that we were not wearing any armour, and had the foul chance of experiencing multiple gun jams, the Emperor graced us with His divine protection, and we managed to exterminate the two techpriests. The resident techpriest from the bed and breakfast decided to also join in on the festivities, but we were fortunate enough to exterminate him too, without severe injury.

It was not clear exactly what the techpriests were attempting in their cultist rituals, but it seems important to note that Virrus found particular interest in relation to his research of the Calixian pattern killings. It also seemed significant that the techpriests had been collecting some sort of cranial fluid.

The owners of the establishment have been placed under custody. Reasons as to why this location was being guarded by the Arbites remains unclear.



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