The Crimson Falling

Canaries in a Coal Mine

Document: 01-A359268-CC-3277 Crimson Cell Penolpass Report 7.dat
=-=-= Security Level Five =-=-=
=-=-= For Internal Use Only =-=-=
Date of Submission: 3.548.000.M42
[Accessed Post-Humously -Techpriest K-3829541-XKK {3.546.000.M42}]
To: The Right and Honourable Captain E. Connery
Author: [Level-1 Acolyte] Virrus Quintos
[Affiliation] Imperial Inquisition Crimson Cell
Subject: Mission Report

Attachments:  DSC_0275.pic; DSC_0276.pic; DSC_0277.pic; DSC_0278.pic;
 DSC_0279.pic; DSC_0280.pic

Following the successful recapture of the weapons cache on 47-Kapella, Crimson Cell proceeded to base to report our success. General Nolan informed us of orders to return to the ship, and personally accompanied us to the launch zone aboard his own vehicle. Be it misfortune or some device of the enemy, our route was known in advance and an ambush caught our lightly armoured vehicles off guard. General Nolan’s own truck was caught by an unidentified explosive. There remained little to no chance of the General’s survival as his vehicle was incinerated completely. May the Emperor bless his soul.

Thanks to the careful driving of our host engineer, Crimson Cell arrived at the launch site unmolested. While the engineer and Acolyte Erikson fueled up the Lander, the rest of the cell took up positions in preparation for the likely follow-up ambush. A small skirmish in this forest clearing resulted in five confirmed enemy kills, at the cost of our esteemed engineer, who valiantly persisted under the barrage of fire to complete his job. [Note to Capt. Connery – I would like to personally nominate this soldier for posthumous promotion. Unfortunately we never learned his name, but his mates should be able to identify him. ~V.Q.]

Aboard the Lazarus, Crimson Cell learned of the Commissar Yvonne’s KIA status. Commissar Yvonne was previously suspected of having similar ties to both Inquisitor Darius and the late Inquisitor Rhogan, meeting each in much the same way as the nobleman Remus on Cyprian’s Gate. Her Junior Commissar is reportedly active, and efforts are being made to track him down.

In the meantime, Crimson Cell was dispatched to investigate questionable activity found via remote imaging of a thought to be abandoned mine on Thuranshush. I am personally anticipating this visit, as Inquisitor Darius’ known ties to Thuranshush have long made it a location of interest in the ongoing effort into carrying out the late Inquisitor Rhogan’s posthumous wishes.

Approaching the mines. Acolyte Thule is at the wheel of the Chimera, while I on the top-mounted stubber. No signs of life detected as of yet.

We have entered through the gates. There don’t seem to be any tracks in the snow, but this blasted weather could likely destroy any such tracks while they were still meaningful. We are leaving the Chimera near the doors and proceeding into the main facility. While it seems abandoned, I hope to find some managerial office with maps and documentation.

There is a large map of the main facility. It seems to be a mining and refining plant, extending ten floors below ground. If the mines have been active, that would certainly explain the heat signatures that were reported. The security office is on this floor. Moving to examine.

Security office empty. Unless those occupying this place have made other precautions, or feel no need for security, it seems this aspect of the building’s infrastructure remains unused. Picked up a decent shock-baton, though. It will be useful if we can find anyone at all in this place.

A combined search using my Auspex and Scarlet’s IR visors yield no signs of life. We will do a brief search of every floor on the way down. We have not found any stairs, so it seems we will need to use the freight elevator. I pray it will not alert our enemies.

No signs of life on B1.

No signs of life on B2.

No signs of life on B3.

No signs of life on B4-8. Tension has been rising. There must be someone on B9.

The elevator has opened up to what seems to be an administrative office. We have found documentation discussing B1013, presumably a refining laboratory or mining shaft, given the facility. Mention of recent discoveries there; a utopian future and great power that it will lead to. There are also some weapons schematics and designs strewn about, each appearing to be of Xenos technology. I will take stereograms using my Auspex and attach them to my report. Notably one was a chainsword wrought of some Xenos bone. These look oddly similar to Mathias’ new weapon he got from Remus…

I have found a piece of documentation regarding research into teleportation technology. It seems whoever is here has managed to make it work on an individual scale, and that they are investigating expanding this technology to teleport more at once. What heresy. I pray this does not corrupt any of the Techpriests we have on board, but I must take a stereogram and include it anyhow.

B10XX designations seem to be of tunnels. We are moving to examine each tunnel now.

B1001-1006 empty. B1007 and 1008 have bones embedded in the rock, as if they were minerals. Clearly this is where they are getting their materials.

B1009 is a manufacturing room where these bones are being made into weapons. More schematics have been found and seized.

B1010 is an armoury. I grimace at the thought of touching such abominations, but the ship does need a specimen for examination.
Mathias has grabbed what seems to be a Xenos power-sword. So long as he surrenders that later, I feel no need to touch one for myself.

B1011 is an unlit cavern. We will investigate further later. Small mineral deposits are in sight, and I have heard a skittering sound. Nothing else in sight, however. I must be getting tired or claustrophobic.

B1012 was only dug into slightly. There appear to be some glowing runes on the wall. I’m uncertain if they were made after the digging, or if the digging stopped because they found the runes.

B1013 is emitting a faint glow as we approach. I can detect asynchronous beeping of bioelectrical activity on my Auspex.

This is it.


As per the reports of Acolytes Thule and Crowe, the Cell had just come across a Necron Tomb. They did what they could to fend off the attack. Acolyte Erikson is horribly hurt, and Acolyte Quintus was KIA by the hand of Acolyte Thule. There was reasonable doubt that Acolyte Quintus may have fallen to Darkness, and his untimely end was a necessary one. The remainder of the cell has safely returned to the Lazarus, and I have ensured the destruction of the tomb on Turanshush.

Note: A new member from another one of Rhogan’s cells wishes to join Crimson Cell. He served aboard the ship that reported the activity on Turanshush in the first place, and I have no doubt that he will be a useful addition to the team.




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