The Crimson Falling

By That Sin Fell the Angels

=3.518.000 M42=

As we progressed through the tunnel, the floor beneath our feet eventually turned to soil. The walls opened up to an enormous cavern, tall enough for trees to grow, and deep enough to house a small village. The architecture of the village seemed to resemble that of Penolpass. It extended for a few miles, and by our estimation housed approximately 500 people.

From the people that we could see, all were dressed very raggedly. They walked slumped, aged, and perhaps in tired manner, but all of them still seemed very strangely content. We managed to take two elderly gentlemen captive, and after interrogating them, discovered they seemed much more fragile than they should have been. They had heard of Remus, but didn’t know much about him. They had no knowledge of who Darius was. Regardless, we took their heads to bring back to the Lazarus for identification purposes.

At this point, bells rang from a structure at the far end of the village. They came from a building that appeared to be a church, but had no clear Imperial symbols or otherwise devotional markings. From every house, people began to make their way to this structure, and gathered in front of its doors. We followed from the rear. Upon arrival, we noticed that the people seemed to be viewing something. A man at the front was preaching sacrifice, and worship of a “Great Gramdfather”. Following this, he selected Virrus to be sacrificed for these heretical rituals. In an attempt to stop him, Arl, Mathias and I pushed through the crowd, but could not reach the church before the doors were closed. Mathias began cutting through the doors, and I looked for an alternate entrance through a window. Arl provided us with cover.

Shortly after, we heard the sound of marching. I spied four armed men approaching the church, and opened fire. They fired back, but the three of us managed to deal with them quickly enough. Virrus had managed to stab the priest, and we were reunited with him. Incidentally, Venris was also inside the church, pending as another sacrificial victim. However, he was terrified out of his senses, and was not much help to us. We continued with a quick look-over of the church, then proceeded to clear the town one house at a time. I will point out that all the dead bodies showed severe signs of internal decay and disease, well beyond that which a normal human would be able to survive. After clearing the town, we made our way back to the trap door, which resealed itself behind us.

By this time, Mathias was due to meet Remus to begin his employ. Virrus returned to the Lazarus in search of new information, and I spent my day searching for Burwin. Virrus returned, with news that the map in Rhogan’s safehouse was tied to co-ordinates in the immaterium, and that Remus was indeed the first target in Burwin’s contract. The next day we finally managed to get in contact with Burwin, who was in the process of finalising Remus’ death. He explained that Remus was considered a loose end that needed to be tied up.

Apparently Remus was once considered as a member of the Inquisition by Rhogan himself, but had been rejected due to “medical reasons”. Following that rejection, he was approached by Darius, who has a vested interested in new and experimental technology, such as the Tyranid bone swords Remus uses. Someone by the name of Commissar Yvonne, stationed on Facrast, was approached by Rhogan in similar fashion. Coincidentally, Yvonne is the next target listed in Burwin’s contract, along with someone by the name of Cornelius.

We returned to the Lazarus, and for extreme and irreparable heresy, decided it was necessary to orbitally bombard Cyprian’s Gate. From there, we left for 47-Kapella, where the situation had grown dire, and backup was being requested.

It was no surprise as to why the guard was suffering so much. Their poorly trained, juvenile soldiers and shitty camps would not have been able to achieve very much. In fact, after consulting with General Nolan, we learned that the rebel force had managed to seize a gas weapons cache, and that the guard had been unable to reclaim it. Feeling we couldn’t let the enemy keep its hands on this cache, we decided to take it back.

After a day and a half of marching, we reached the bunker, and picked off all seven guys guarding it. Now we are waiting for Nolan to send a new station of guards to replace us.

I am the avenger of the Saints past slain.

=5S88 VR IMP PD=



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